Welcome to the Maine Mineral
and Gem Museum in Bethel, Maine.

We are currently building a one of a kind, world class museum that will open with the largest collection and display of Maine minerals, gems and historical mining material in the world.

The Museum will be a year-round, visitor centered resource committed to the heritage, economy and tourism of Western Maine. Our guests will learn about the history of mining and see extraordinary samples of minerals and gems. They will also have the opportunity to tour actual mines in the area and view specimens that tell of Maine’s unique place in the geological world.

We look forward to having you visit our Museum.

hazard-tread-yellow-blackMAINE REVISED STREWN FIELDhazard-tread-yellow-black-nwAerospace scientist, Rob Matson, after countless hours spent collecting and scrunching data—which includes an analysis of video and seismic evidence along with factoring the prevailing winds at the time, has created this map believed to delimit what is referred to as the meteorite strewn field

The zone commences three miles directly north of Rangeley and extends for approximately 10 miles. It is widest where it begins as this is where the smaller meteorites are found, and as a result of their small size there is greater variability in their dispersion.

While it’s challenging terrain, numerous logging roads criss-cross the strewn field. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is offering rewards for any meteorites recovered and $20,000 for a specimen in excess of one kilogram (2.2 pounds). Please respect landowners rights and seek permissions if needed, otherwise, good luck and happy hunting!

Barbara and Carl

Do you think you have found a meteorite?

Here are some helpful websites to assist you in your preliminary identification. Happy Hunting!

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