The New England Mineral Conference 2015

The New England Mineral Conference 2015 will be held May 8th-10th at the Sunday River Conference Center, only a short ride from MMGM in Bethel. Jeff Morrison, President of the New England Mineral Association, promises another first class event where the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum will be well represented.

  • Dr. Skip Simmons will be discussing the MP2 Research Group, formerly at the University of New Orleans, which has relocated entirely to the lower level of the Museum on Main Street in Bethel. MP2 stands for Mineralogy, Petrology and Pegmatology, three major areas of geological study.
  • MMGM Curator, Carl A. Francis, and colleague, Jim Nizamoff, team up again to talk about Tamminen quarry apatites.
  • The MMGM will participate in Education Day at the Conference by setting up stations where youngsters will get to sluice a bag of material and have a chance to find some colorful local minerals.

At this year’s conference, the MMGM will open its doors for a private guided tour for conference attendees. Guests will be able to view the Museum Store and Preview Gallery and explore the future exhibit areas of the Museum. For information about the conference, go to


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