About the Museum

The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is being built to showcase our geological history, display renowned mineral and rock collections, provide educational opportunities for the novice and expert alike, conduct historical and geological research and to create a Maine travel destination for residents and visitors.

KFloyd_MMGM_web_14The museum will house some of the finest mineral collections from Maine and throughout the globe. It will also include the famous Perham Collection, viewed by generations in an area mineral store that operated in western Maine for 90 years as well as an impressive collection from our Solar System featuring meteorites from Mars, the moon and the Asteroid Belt. In fact, our museum will allow you to reach out to the stars and actually touch a lunar meterorite! Our goal will be to amaze in a one-of-a-kind, world class museum located only a stone’s throw away from the western Maine mines that once sheltered these mineral treasures.

Gem Museum Ground Breaking (137 of 154)A museum excels when it amazes, but it truly makes a difference when it educates. Our exhibits will interest visitors of all ages, touching on subjects of history, culture, research and education. Our promise is to develop a curriculum that inspires a new generation. We expect that field trips to the museum and tours of local mines will become mainstays for schools from throughout Maine and for visitors from nearby states and beyond.

The museum has hired the Paulus Design Group of Bath, Maine and Washington, DC to design and oversee the building of the exhibits for the Museum. They have designed museums, visitor centers and corporate exhibits throughout the United States and abroad. Dr. Carl Francis, the curator of the Harvard University Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences Mineralogical Museum for 34 years, has been hired as the curator for the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum.

For over two centuries, the miner has been ever present in the foothills of western Maine. By telling their story, we will add a new and unique experience for those that already see Maine as a prime destination for museum adventures.